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Henson Trash Service, Inc.
Roll-Off Container Rental Agreement
Agreement# 2022-R900

1) Customer’s Agreement to Pay for Services: Delivery cannot be completed until payment is made in full and a signed
agreement is returned to Henson Trash Service, Inc. Payment can be made by cash, check, money order or credit/debit
card. Credit/debit cards will have a 3% processing fee attached.

2) Pick Up Schedule: The container shall be picked up at the end of 14 days, if customer has not made prior
arrangements. After 14 days, an additional rental charge of $5.00 per day will be applied to the account.

3) Exclusions: No Hazardous waste, tires. No yard waste. Any of these items found in the container must be removed
or we have the right to dump the load as the job site. If such items are in the container and Company is charged at
the dump site, Customer agrees to pay actual charges and fines. Customer is responsible for contents of
container during rental period, and for any charges associated with restricted contents.

4) Roll-Off Containers: All roll-off containers furnished by the Company shall remain the property of the Company and
customer shall not modify or use the containers for any purpose other than in the Company’s service. Customer shall
not move, transport or otherwise relocate the container(s) while in the Customer’s possession. Upon twenty-four (24)
hours’ notice, Company shall relocate the container on the premises for service charge of $75.00. Customer accepts
responsibility and liability for any loss of, or damage to the container(s) while in Customer’s possession. Customer shall
provide a suitable site for the container(s) and grants the Company the right to access to the container(s) at all reasonable
times. Additional charge of $75.00 will apply if: (a) container(s) are unserviceable due to Customer’s failure to provide
access and a return trip is required for pickup, or (b) driver arrives for requested pickup and customer requests dumpster
not be taken (even if it is within the original 14 day rental period). Federal, state and local laws govern the
transportation and gross vehicle weight of over-the-road vehicles. Construction and Demolition debris may be
loaded to the top “Fill Line”
, if company is unable to tarp container due to overfill or if unsafe transport, Company has
the right to dump all or part of the load on site. Upon delivery if the container is cancelled there is $75.00 charge.

5) Customer’s Responsibility: Do Not overfill container, extra charges will apply. Company shall not be liable for
any claims for damage to Customer’s pavement or driveway surface resulting from the roll-off container or Company
truck servicing the container. If Customer requests placement of container on any grass or dirt surface, Company is not
liable for any damages to such surfaces by truck or container. Customer must assure a minimum of 15’ overhead
clearance for all power, phone, cable, and other lines. Customer releases Company, and shall indemnify, defend and
hold harmless Company against all claims, damage to property arising out of Customer’s use, operation or possession of
the roll-off container. Company shall not be liable to Customer for failure to perform the services due to events beyond
its control, including but not limited to strikes, riots, fires, floods, and governmental actions, changes in law, weather,
traffic, or acts of God. Customer is responsible for any necessary permits and agrees to pay any fines or fees associated
with obtaining permits or moving the dumpster in case a permit was not obtained and was required. Move fee is $75.00.
Delivery cannot be completed until payment is received in full and a signed agreement is returned to Henson Trash
Service, Inc. Extra tonnage over the ton limit will be charged at $70 per ton.

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Delivery cannot be completed until payment is received in full and a signed agreement is returned to Henson Trash
Service, Inc.

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